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Susan Brantly
Department of Scandinavian Studies

Susan Brantly

Susan Brantly joined the faculty of the Scandinavian Department in 1987, was promoted to tenure in 1993 and to full professor in 1999. She is a specialist in Swedish language and literature. She is currently the President of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, as well as the Director of the Bradley Learning Community and the Director of the Center for European Studies.

Professor Brantly's university service shows a history of student-oriented activities, such as working as the Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor and serving in the Faculty Advising Service, Student Appeals Committee, and the Advisory Board for Multicultural Academic Programs and Services. She is a 2003 recepient of a Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award and was named Outstanding Faculty Member by The UW Panhellenic Association in 2004.

Professor Brantly's books include Understanding Isak Dinesen and The Life and Writings of Laura Marholm, the latter of which has recently been published into German. She is also interested in the Swedish Historical Novel from 1960-2000 and has written articles on August Strindberg and other modern Scandinavian writers.

Professor Brantly is also interested in using technology in the classroom and has been part of the IN-TIME program at the University of Wisconsin. She was featured in an article "High-tech Teaching" in the Summer 1999 issue of On Wisconsin.  She has created a cd distance course called 19th Century Scandinavian Literature. She has also served on the Provost's Committee for Technology Enhanced Learning. Currently, she is putting together a similar course on the Scandinavian Baroque.

If you want to look at an experiment on streaming lectures over the internet using different software, check out the following site:

To contact her, send an email to


1987 YALE UNIVERSITY: Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literature 
1983 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA: Master of Arts Degree in Scandinavian Literature 
1980 HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Bachelor of Arts Degree in German and Scandinavian



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Courses Taught

Scan 276: Scandinavian Life and Civilization (with colleagues). 

Scan 374: Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature: 20th Century 

Scan 410: Scan. Children's Lit (with colleagues). 

Scan 411: Sex and the Modern Breakthrough 

Scan 423: Dramas of August Strindberg 

Scan 424: 19th Century Scandinavian Fiction 

Scan 427: Contemporary Scandinavian Fiction 

Scan 434: The Art of Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen 

Scan 435: Icelandic Sagas 

Scan 634: Survey of Scandinavian Literature: 1700-1825 (with colleagues) 

Scan 635: Survey of Scandinavian Literature: 1825-1900 (with colleagues) 

Scan 636: Survey of Scandinavian Literature: 1900-1970 (with colleagues) 

Scan 710: Nordic Mythology 

Scan 710: Pär Lagerkvist 

Scan 901: The Swedish Historical Novel 

Scan 901: Søren Kierkegaard and Isak Dinesen. (with Niels Ingwersen) 

Scan 261 & 262: Readings in Swedish Literature 

Scan 111 & 112: First Year Swedish 

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