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The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen



Scott A MellorWELCOME to The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (Littrans 275 and Scandst 375). This web page is for the Spring of 2014

The instructor for this course is Scott A. Mellor. You can contact me by email at My office hours for Spring 2014 will be posted soon, however, I am often in my office Mondays and Wednesdays. You can take a chance or emial me for an appointment. My office is in 1310 Van Hise Hall.

Sample Exam
Class will be in B102 Van Vleck

A number of Hans Christian Andersen's tales, well-known as well as not, will be examined during the next fifteen weeks.

Andersen is a splendid storyteller--he entertains us well--but in order to dispel some common, but sorely mistaken, notions about him, please keep in mind that Andersen is not a sweetly amiable, pleasant, sentimentally naive, and childlike storyteller.

He can pretend to be all that, but the best of his tales have a sting; they are humorous, but darkly so; and they probe into moral and existential issues that remain with us.

Hans Christian Andersen loved to tell stories to children, but he loathed the reputation that he was only a children's author. His stories explore the human soul and deal with its complexity. Do not expect simplicity--expect the opposite!